Alchemy pres Binary Finary | 23 March @ Bourke Street Courtyard


Ok so I think I want to maybe start writing some blogs up on this thing! I meant, the site is here I may as well create some content. Before I get started on this very first BLOG POST ONE, I just need to step outside for a few minutes to smoke a little itty bitty bit of bud......brb.....

.....Ok I'm back, listening to Long Train Running by the Doobie Brothers (lol, pure coincidence) BUT he is singing.. "Without loovee, where'd you be right now!? Without looooooooooooveeee, where would you be right now!?" - I thought that was relevant :)

So what's happening? I'm sitting a few days after XL and just trying to comprehend wtf went down was something else. And I'm actually saying this as a punter. I had fun. So much fun. And I'm supposed to be working. LOL. You shouldn't be able to call this a job. It's just not possible. I mean, don't get me wrong a lot of hard work and very long hours go into this but when the end result of that work doesn't only result in your happiness but also the happiness of hundreds around you, which then in turn makes you even happier, which in turn makes you want to work harder to make even more people more happier WHICH THEN IN TURN.....etc etc etc.

Yeah it's been fun. Thanks everyone. Definitely looking forward to the next few years as I have quite a few things on a list which have been on that list for a while but I just haven't found enough consistent motivation to actually do them. But I want to try something new next year and really try to have a lot more of a structured and disciplined life. I'm lazy by nature. And laziness is the enemy of discipline. So I want to try and kill the laziness by making my life a shit load more productive. No more TV. No more movies. No more junk food. No more wasting time doing things that are not bringing any value back into my life and hindering me from achieving my maximum potential, which is no longer acceptable to me.

XL was an important party for me. Lot's of growth happened during this party than any other. Because it was the hardest work of the lot and put me through the most suffering of the lot. It's really interesting, the connection between a struggling venture and your mental health. I mean, the stress I can put myself under when things are not going well. I've deciphered it all out i believe, it's just pressure. Too much built up pressure that I put on myself over a sustained period of time, pressure to succeed, pressure to put on the best party possible, pressure to make sure my events live up to the reputation it has made for itself, it can get a bit much. But I think I like it. It's good feeling uncomfortable because that is where you grow. It makes you stronger, more resilient, and can give you motivation to do the things that you need to do to be able to avoid failure and strive for excellence. 

I'm liking this blogging business already. It feels nice to be ok with opening up and talking about the real things in life. We don't talk about these things enough. Our dialogue is always on the surface level. Ok we have those few friends that we like to go deep with, but in general, unless you know someone very well and for a very long time as humans we just don't like to talk about real shit. We talk about things and occurences and stuff and entertainment and gossip and weather and sport and politics and science and religion and etc etc etc. I don't really give a fuck about any of that. I'm interested in growth. Learning together. Can you teach me something? 

Ok I don't want to ramble so I'll wrap up. Exciting year coming up! Next TR!P date set, Tribe Retreat a month after that, a huge 3rd Birthday mid year and possible another epic XL towards the end of the year. Massive. Stay tuned here on to stay in touch with all our events, new music, merch specials, blog posts and much more. 

Much love,

Image: This pic was taken at our very first party at 24 Moons. Cannot believe we are almost 3...






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