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If you have been to a Trip event before then you will know that every effort will be made to provide you with an experience that you will no doubt come to find is unique with Trip events.

When you buy a ticket to one of our events you are not only getting yourself a rocking night out, you are also supporting a movement.
You are joining a Tribe of like minded individuals who's connections grow stronger by the minute and who's main ethos is to try and reduce the amount of suffering in our community, one bass line at a time.

So on that note, I'd like to welcome you to the family if you are new, and thank you all for being a part of this journey so far. I really look forward to seeing where this road takes us.


Trip Tribe Retreat 27 March - 30 March

So this is happening! A little Trip family getaway to escape out of the suburbs and into the calmness that is this lovely property up in Coalville. This peaceful and private lodging is somewhere we can unwind and connect with one another on a level that may be difficult in the high stress day to day daily grind we are used to.

This is a totally no pressure getaway. Do what you want, when you want. You are welcome to participate in whatever you like and you are welcome to wander off and have your own private time if that's what you want to do.

Let me take a moment and just talk about the inspiration behind the Trip Tribe Retreats. It is my belief that for a while now our society has lacked some fundamentals of civilization that have led us into the current epidemic of poor mental health we currently find ourselves surrounded by. I think one of the major things we are lacking is a connection with one another, our tribe and most importantly ourselves.

So one of the goals here is to bring more connection into our lives to allow us to live happier, healthier lives not only for ourselves, but also for our families and entire community around us. By creating a safe space where we can bond face to face as humans, we will be encouraging this growth in connection that we will then take back with us into our every day lives.

Hopefully this can be a good boost for all of our mental health and we can continue to move forward and help mend the pain away from all of our brothers and sisters whom we share this beautiful planet with.

The property is nestled in the foothills of Victoria’s beautiful Strezlecki Ranges, on it's very own private hill just under 2 hours south east of Melbourne.

It boasts a saltwater swimming pool, basketball ring, table tennis table, volleyball net, pool table, commando course, outdoor fire place, indoor fire place and has lots of farm animals including chickens, a couple of very friendly dogs and even an emu or two. Don't worry, the emus are fenced off! :P

The property has separate male & female toilets which each have 3 cubicles + 3 showers.

The property has 1 major sleeping area that comprises of 7 bedrooms each with 2 bunk beds. So that's 4 beds per room. As this is the case, you may have to sleep in a room with people that you may not know very well if at all! This will be a great experience and chance to push ourselves a little out of our comfort zone and get to know our new friends, and more importantly our selves that little bit better.

In saying this, if you have requests to be lodged with certain people I will do my best to make this happen.

Please as is with the entire house, be mindful that you are sharing with other people and always keep your own property neat and tidy in your own space as to not disturb other peoples peace. We are all sharing an area now so must be mindful of this.

We will have a number of workshops running from Yoga to Meditation to Hoola Hooping & more. We will also have a remedial massage therapist on site that you can book in for a nice relaxing massage at some point if you want the pampering!

The property manager is a lovely lady named Annie who lives on the property and about 30 meters away in her own separate unit. Annie will also be catering all of our meals for us. Annie is a competent 'country cook', not a chef, so she'll be making us home cooked meals we can expect to enjoy. That's breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert will all be included in the price of the trip. All you need to bring along are your beveridges and any snacks or special items you want!

Annie can cater for Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten Free diets. However cannot cater for anyone who's anaphylactic though because she can't guarantee the cookware hasn't been used for whatever allergen they respond to.

If have have any specific requirements please let me know as you book and we will make a note of it.

I want to stress that this is not a bender. We will not be cranking up the music and rocking out to some bangers. This is more of a retreat style getaway and thus strongly advise against any form of drug use. A glass of wine or a beer or two would be totally fine but let's please refrain from getting wasted. Again, this is not a bender, it's about strengthening our bonds as a community and going back to our tribal roots and thus heading back home to civilization with some great vibes and positive energy.

Unless it's family related, I'd urge you all to keep your phones away at all times. Just leave them in your bedrooms and you can have your pre-sleep and post-wake up scrolls, but other than that, when we are together as a group, let's stay there. A major part of the issues facing our society come from these amazing pieces of technology that live in our pockets, and the more we can put the phone down and connect with the people in front of us and connect with the nature around us, the better off we will be. So let's really try to practice that when we are at this trip. And I will not hesitate to call you out if you are seen scrolling away in the company of others. Be warned! :P

We will certainly have some activities going on which will all be optional such as swimming, volleyball, board games, pool & table tennis tournaments plus other fun activities like charades, crainium, uno, and any other fun games you may want to bring along.

After much deliberation with the team the decision has also been made to have this retreat as an adults only retreat. Kids over 16 will be fine. I know a lot of you have young families and would have loved to bring them along, however we feel as though as a first retreat it will be important for us to focus on ourselves. I do sincerely apologize if this makes it difficult or inconvenient for you to get away In the future we will definitely look at having full family friendly trips.

As we are such a large group, please try and minimise the amount of waste you bring up. For example, if you are bringing up anything in packets, as much as possible try empty the food or snacks into plastic containers that can be taken home with you to try and eliminate the rubbish we leave at the property.

Coalville is about 1.5 hours east south east of Melbourne. There is ample parking on site however I would definitely encourage all of us to carpool if possible both to reduce stress on the property and the environment. Once we have enough members in here and are a bit closer to the date we can arrange a car pooling thread in this event page.

Including All Meals: $400 ($425 AfterPay)
Just Accommodation (BYO FOOD): $250 ($270 AfterPay)

There are full kitchen facilities available for you to use if you decide to bring your own food but just please be courteous of your fellow guests and keep everything neat and tidy and always clean up after yourself.

So that's 3 nights accommodation, Friday, Saturday & Sunday plus dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Dinner being our own barbecue) on Saturday, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on Sunday & Breakfast on Monday before we check out.

I plan on having Annie cater for us for all meals besides Saturday dinner where we will have a barbecue. All dietary requirements will be catered for as best as possible.

We have a few payment options available including Cash / Bank Transfer / PayPal / AfterPay / Bitcoin

Please contact me for details on Cash or Bitcoin.

Bank Transfer: (Make sure to leave your name as reference)
Account Name: Sinan Bayram
BSB: 013125 ACC: 495535188

AfterPay: (Fee Applies)
All Inclusive:

Accommodation Only:

PayPal: (Fee Applies)
All Inclusive: $460
Accommodation Only (BYO Food): $260
PayPal Email:

I think I've covered just about everything! I truly hope that you will join us on this first ever Trip Tribe Retreat as we bring our community that little bit closer together. And would also love for this to not be a once off, and maybe go on 1 or 2 of these a year!

Please be mindful that this is not something I have ever organised or been on myself before, so please be patient with me if anything is not to your liking. If you think there could be improvements then I would 100% like to hear them as always, and would love your feedback post trip so that we can work on them for future events.

Thank you all for being on this journey with me, and hope to see you in Coalville!